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Residential Floor Replacement

Scope of Work: Stabilization of floor framing and replacement of hardwood floor

This 1920s Craftsman bungalow’s floor had suffered from previous renovation efforts. Fallen floor joists were jacked back into plane and a major beam under the house was altered to even out the floor transitions.

Unsupported sheathing was supported with 2×4 cleats and the floor was made level. A new oak floor was installed, finishing off this already beautiful home.

She-Shed Conversion

Dohrman Construction & Preservation was contracted in (2017?) to convert a derelict backyard garage into a breezy leisure space for the owner of a Spanish Colonial style home in Savannah.

Once a new slab of concrete was poured for the building’s foundation and the remainder of the structure was stabilized, new doors, windows and nickel gap siding was installed.

The structure’s interior was completely modernized, while retaining the building’s wood ceilings and repurposing its original work bench.

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E. Jones Exterior Restoration

Dohrman Construction was hired in 2017 to conduct repairs and rehabilitation on the historic Minis House in downtown Savannah. Designed by renowned architect Stephen Decatur Button, the home was once a headquarters for the American Red Cross.

The property is now residential and has undergone extensive rehabilitation on its exterior. Dohrman Construction restored the building’s masonry, along with repairs and reconstruction of its back porch. The work included removal and replacement of rotted bead boards with new, pressure-treated beams, heavy timber repairs, new joists and Dutchmen repairs. The work also included restoration of the existing historic balustrade and lighting.

The masonry work included matching the existing mortar in color and texture and then doing extensive repointing work ahead of the window and shutter repairs and galvanized cornice work that was then carried out on the house. The existing brownstone sills, lintels and band course were delaminating and spalling when we began the project. Those have been restored using Jahn restoration materials matched to the original brownstone color and texture.

This exterior restoration will give this museum quality building many more years of life.

03 1211 E. 48th St. Wexler 5

Storm Damage Restoration

Repair of Storm-Damaged Roof

Scope of Work: Repair of damaged porch beams and column, replacement of damaged roof

The arrival of Hurricane Matthew in the fall of 2016 left a tree leaning on the roof of this beautiful 1920s bungalow on Parkside’s 48th Street. After the tree was removed, work began to rebuild several of the porch roof beams, corner support column and adjacent main roof rafters that had been crushed.

Salvaged materials were located that were an exact match of the home’s unique pressed metal shingle. The roof was repaired with this material, providing an authentic appearance and putting the roof back in service for another fifty years.