South Viaduct

Scope of work: Masonry arch restoration, shoring, repointing, stainless steel anchors, documentation.

The c.1845 South Viaduct is one of three bridges built by the Central of Georgia Railway across the two major roads on the western side of the Central of Georgia Railway site. In recent years four-arched brick bridge was being damaged daily by container trucks scraping the low underside of the bridge’s historic Savannah Grey bricks and soft mortar, resulting in two 1.5ft deep triangular gouges the length of the bridge. As the curator of buildings for the Coastal Heritage Society Stewart Dohrman planned and executed the work to restore this important structure.

Close work with engineers and masons having expertise in historic structures and methods was critical for maintaining the integrity of the bridge. The work was carried out using site-built, adjustable metal shuttering and traditional masonry techniques and materials to restore this significant structure. New guardrails were installed to prevent trucks from damaging the masonry further.