Gylliard Cottage

Scope of work: Moved building to location with new foundation, restored exterior, replaced roof with standing seam roof, restored walls and floors.

The Gylliard Cottage is a small turn-of-the century structure that was soldier-housing during WWI, a drinking shack and a house. The structure has been moved several times in its life most recently to the grounds of the Tybee Island Light Station onto a temporary foundation.

A permanent location was chosen for the cottage and a new foundation was built. A 110ft crane was used to move the cottage to its new location. Once there, restoration began to the exterior including siding repairs and retrofitting the building to better withstand hurricane winds. A new standing seam roof was installed. Care was taken in removing materials from the inside and original linoleum floors were removed and samples were kept for posterity. World War II era newspapers were removed from between two layers of linoleum The papers advertised blackout curtains from Haverties and items for sale from Adler’s Department Store. The Gylliard Cottage will be used as a way to educate about Gullah culture at the museum site.